taxi for .. new born baby

“A girl had a baby in my cab”

Brian Donahue, 68, Macclesfield

I didn’t deliver the baby. The girl did it nearly all by herself in the back seat. I picked her up off the Moss estate to take her to the hospital. She was doing the moaning of a woman in labour, but her boyfriend kept saying, “You’ve got an hour, you’re all right.” I said, “You haven’t, she’s having a baby.”

So I parked round the back of the doctors’ surgery in town, and we got the doctors to come out – we had a big audience by now – but by the time they came out, she’d had it. I remember saying, “I didn’t think it would come that quick.” She was taken to hospital with her boyfriend, and the doctors went back inside, and I was left with the mess to clean up. Luckily most of it happened on a towel. It could have been much worse.

I was chuffed afterwards. I got myself on telly – on the morning news, and at dinnertime on ITV and BBC. It was an experience, without a doubt. You see it on television in America and you think, will it happen to you? And it happened.