Terms & Conditions

The company (Lymmited Taxis and its subcontractors) undertakes to provide service as agreed but cannot be held liable for circumstances beyond its control which may prevent it from doing so, such as flight changes, traffic congestion, security operations, hazardous weather conditions etc.

The company undertakes to provide service as agreed at the time of booking. In the event of short notice modifications The Company will make every effort to accommodate revised instructions but inability to do so will not affect the validity of the original verbal or written agreement.

The company undertakes to ensure that vehicles and passengers are fully insured as required by law pertaining to the state or territory in which service takes place. However, passenger’s own property is carried entirely at their own risk and no responsibility can be accepted for loss or damage to same. Passengers are strongly advised to purchase or acquire appropriate insurance prior to travel.

The Hirer is deemed to be the person or company making the reservation and is responsible for payment of all services booked by The Hirer and/or it’s clients. Under exceptional circumstances we will accept third party credit cards but in the event of dispute with the credit card holder The Hirer will be held liable for payment. Acceptance of this Reservation Agreement will be confirmation that you are authorised to provide the credit card details of a third party.

If a passenger is unable to locate his/her driver, he/she or The Hirer must call (UK) 01925 393111 before leaving the location in order to try and resolve the situation. If the passenger leaves the location of his/her own accord service will be charged in full as ‘No Show’. In the event of subsequent dispute evidence that a telephone call was placed (copy of mobile or other bill) will be required.

Charges & fees

Charges are deemed to have been agreed at the time of booking and are based on information available at that time. Full charges for the service may vary if the nature of the service alters (additional mileage or time) and will usually be applied on completion of the service or 14 days in advance by prior arrangement. The Company reserves the right to apply charges in advance and/or secure funds with the credit card provided.

Cheque or transfer payments cannot be accepted less than 14 days prior to travel other than by prior agreement.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation charges will be applied at the company’s absolute discretion as detailed below. Customers are strongly advised to acquire appropriate travel insurance prior to starting their journey.

Less than 24 hours prior to time of travel – full payment due.

More than 24 hours prior to arrival will be at the discretion of the manager and will be a maximum of up to 50% refunded which will incur a 5% admin fee.

Reservations may be altered with reasonable notice. At the company’s absolute discretion cancellation charges may be applied as credit against future reservations.

Waiting time Airport flight arrivals – 30 mins from time the flight lands. Other locations – 10 mins. After the above allowance waiting will be charged at prevailing hourly rates for each 15 minutes of delay.

Flight delays must be advised by calling (UK) 01925 393111 or contact Lymmited Taxis as previously arranged. The Company will track flights where possible but systems are not 100% reliable. Delays to short haul flights (less than 3 hours flight time) MUST be notified by telephone.

Surcharges may apply on public holidays and for journeys commencing between 20.00 and 06.00.

Smoking is not permitted in the company’s vehicles at any time.

The company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone whose behaviour it considers to be inappropriate and/or of a threatening nature and/or persons who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Under such circumstances no monies will be refunded.

Vehicle Damage/Cleaning: The Party paying for the reservation is responsible for all damages and/or cleaning charges incurred by the renter and/or party of the Renter, including but not limited to: vomit/sickness, (£70 cleaning fee), alcohol spillage (£100, cleaning fee), burns (£500 replacement/repair), upholstery tears (£500-1000, replacement/repair) and/or opening a car door into another vehicle or stationary object (£1500-2000) etc.

Continuing with the reservation and using the service provided constitutes acceptance of the Reservation Agreement.

The above does not affect your statutory rights.